CliftonStrengths Coaching

I am a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. I work with individuals, organizations and businesses to help them understand their top 5 talent themes from the CliftonStrengths assessment and productively apply them to work and life. As we work together you will invest in your greatest talents turning them into strengths.

Talent x Investment = Strength

Excellence and high productivity come from talent. We start with the greatest talents you have inside of you and we work together to turn them into strengths. By focusing on your greatest talents you will:

↑ Engagement

↑ Productivity

↑ Happiness

We have all been told in many different ways to focus on our weaknesses and to be well-rounded. We are asked in job interviews when we have failed or what our weaknesses are. We are asked in performance reviews to look at what didn’t go well and to put time and energy into those areas so that we can make small, incremental improvements. THIS IS NOT THE WORK I DO. You may need to manage your weaknesses, but it is not where you should put your greatest time and effort.

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