About me

Photo of Lara Christley
Photo of Lara Christley

My Story

My journey with skilled trades started when I took a position at Minneapolis College focusing on the recruitment and retention of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. While CTE is broad, I focused on a few programs including HVACR, Welding and Machining. I moved into Academic Advising and supported technical trades programs. This is where my deep admiration for skilled trades and the value they bring to our society came from.

My Top 5

I am a believer in knowing your greatest strengths and working and living from strengths. This self-awareness allows you to show up as your best self; raise your hand for things you want to do and know you can do well; and finally, to partner with people when needed.

LEARNER Learning new things energizes me. I love to read and soak up new information. I have a wide range of interests.

RELATOR I am selective in the relationships I put time into and develop. It is important for me to have fewer, deeper relationships.

ACHEIVER At the end of the day I want a list of things I have accomplished in front of me. I am a hard worker with great stamina.

RESPONSIBILITY My commitments are important to me. Because of this I am highly dependable and reliable.

ACTIVATOR Movement towards my goals or tasks is important to me. I do not need to wait for every detail to be ironed out. Rather, I will make a decision and start working towards it immediately. Waiting can be frustrating for me.

(MAXIMIZER) I do not like mediocrity. I work hard and want my finished product to be excellent. I prefer to work with good and move it to great.


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