Podcast Episode 2: Plumbers

My second podcast episode is live! Find it on Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify and many others

My podcast, called Explore the Trades, is a way to learn about great careers in skilled trades and construction. These careers combine short-term education with long-term financial gains.

In episode 2 we cover Plumbers. We speak to the coordinator of the Saint Paul union apprenticeship program and to both a commercial plumber (working in large places like schools, hospitals and commercial spaces) and a residential plumber who works mostly, but not exclusively, in people’s homes.

My guests

  1. Rick Gale, Plumbing Program Coordinator, Saint Paul College
  2. Samantha Geehan, 3rd year plumbing apprentice
  3. Dave Janecky, owner of Janecky Plumbing and Heating


Admissions Steps for School Program:

  1. Find out what the application deadline is and prepare for it
  2. Prepare to take math, reading and spatial placement tests and give yourself enough time to test a second time (just in case)
  3. Check email regularly to find out if you are selected to interview


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