Podcast Episode 1: Commercial HVAC Service Technician

My very first podcast (ever) is live! Find it on iTunes or Spotify

My podcast, called Explore the Trades, is a way to learn about great careers in skilled trades and construction. These careers combine short-term education with long-term financial gains.

In episode 1 we cover the career of Commercial HVAC Service Technicians. These are the folks who work in large scale commercial spaces (think schools, hospitals, companies, warehouses, manufacturing and food facilities) where they install and repair heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

My guests

  1. Greg Skudlarek, HVACR faculty, Minneapolis College
  2. Chad Birk, Training Coordinator for the 539 Pipefitters JATC
  3. Seig McClure, Commerical HVAC Service Tech working at the Corval Group.
  4. Karin Dahlin, Commercial HVAC Service Tech working at Northland Mechanical

You can find links to the two year programs in the Minnesota State system where you can start the career journey here. Dunwoody College of Technology also has an HVAC program. You can also find a good overview of the career at Careerwise.

If this is the career for you, most programs will start in the fall semester which is usually towards the end of August.

Admissions Steps:

  1. Apply to the program you want
  2. Potentially take math and reading placement tests
  3. If applicable complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Some programs fill up which means you need to prepare and take steps to start these programs in the spring.

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