2018 CliftonStrengths Summit

2018 SummitI have been back almost a week from the 2018 CliftonStrengths Summit. This is the annual conference put on by Gallup for people who work with the CliftonStrengths assessment. It was the first time I had attended and turned out to be the most important conference I have ever attended. In addition to attending the conference, I was fortunate to be able to attend the Advanced Coaching course before the conference began. And Omaha, Nebraska was a nice place to visit. I had the best hamburger of my life at Block 16. I enjoyed many flavors of ice cream at Ted and Wally’s. The most unusual flavor I had was Bourbon Caramel Apple Rib (Yes, there were bits of rib in the ice cream. Yes, it was delish!).

Empower People. Disrupt the Workplace. Change the World.

These are my words to live by for the next year. It was the inspirational focus of the 2018 conference. I am here to tell you I am ready to change the world. I am ready to help others reach their greatest potential and live fulfilled happy work and home lives.

My key highlights were:

  • Learning and growing in the Advanced Coaching course
  • Reconnecting with a colleague from the Peace Corps who I last saw in 2001.
  • Meeting new colleagues, near and far.
  • Learning coaching tips, tricks and hacks in the breakout sessions (For example, I am buying a bike bell to bring my workshops groups back together after activities).

As I work through my materials, receive the books and materials I have ordered and keep moving with my business I will share more about the conference and what I learned.

My top 6 talent themes are Learner, Relator, Achiever, Responsibility, Activator and Maximizer.


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